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Of greater size than the ordinary, esp. with reference to a size of a man's genitals.

Made famous by one of the Vietnamese hooker scenes in the movie Full Metal Jacket.
Hooker: No boom boom with black man.

Black Man: Why Not!!?

Hooker: Black man too beaucoup.
by mooneyk20 September 21, 2011
Slang. very impressive. Beyond Amazing.
Have you tasted these ribs? They're bomb diggy!!!
by mooneyk20 September 19, 2011
To steal from someone and run away. Commonly used to describe the actions of those who rob drug dealers and run or prostitutes who take the money and run before providing the sexual exchange.
John: How many guys have you had tonight?

Hooker: Not one. I've been ripping and running all night.

Example 2:

Q: Where'd you get all that money from?!

A: We found out where the weed dealers live and started ripping and running.
by mooneyk20 November 14, 2011

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