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one of the greatest MC's to step foot on planet earth. just fucking amazing. you should see this dude live cause he straight fucks it up.
eyedea and abilities are the illest shit ever
by montana is gay March 09, 2004
dopest Mc ever, in the entire universe. you haven't heard shit until you listen to slug.
damn yo, all the bitches love slug
by montana is gay March 09, 2004
a bunch of bitches and assholes,sprinkled with cool people, saturated with bullshit, with a side dish of cool shit
no one in Kalispell has a life.
by montana is gay March 12, 2004
a small animal in the rodent family. also a sexual act in which a girl giving a guy oral sex and then puts a nut in each cheek which gives her a chipmunk like appearence
damn1, and cant believe that girl did a chipmunk on me!
by montana is gay March 22, 2004
while getting head, right before you bust a nut, put out, give her a black eye, and then cum on it.
a bizmark donut is not part of a healthy relationship
by montana is gay March 18, 2004
This word refers to shooting a load on a womans face. When the girl gets the load all over her face she resembles a toddler who had food all over their face from eating.
That bitch is a toddle slop.
by montana is gay March 22, 2004
Putyourfaceindriveintovelensa...or something like that
you enjoy myself is a super dope phish song
by montana is gay March 22, 2004

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