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I'm emo, and I'm gay, but I'm not gay because I'm emo, and I'm not emo because I'm gay. In fact, despite what most people thing, most emo boys aren't gay, or even bi. Trust me, I would know. Yes, they do wear girls jeans, tight shirts, and eyeliner. And yes, they are sensitive, but gay and sensitive aren't the same thing.

Also, most emo boys do not cut themselves and cry and are depressed all the time. The majority of emo boys I know are actually quite happy with themselves. They do write rather depresssing poetry once in a while, but that's just being creative, okay?
Girl 1: The emo boy over there looks really sad. I think he's cutting himself.
Girl 2: No, I think he's just tired.
by mon cheri garcon July 21, 2008

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