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the most unique and bad ass band ever. there music is considered metal but to tell you the truth they belong in there own genre of music because you just cant compare them to any other band out there and anyone who doesnt like them is either black no offense, or homosexual and if you dont like it you should at least appreciate them for being as incredibbly talented as they are. and even though i cant understand a good amount of what they are singing i go and look up the lyrics and it actually makes sense and some of it is pretty deep and political and other stuff like the song spiders i still dont quite understand but it still kicks ass. the drummers and guitars are so fast that i can hardly believe that serj tankian the lead singer can keep up but then again he is the most amazing singer ever

cant wait till there next album comes out because my friends and family are tired of me blasting hypnotize on my stereo and to tell you the truth i dont listen to alot more music other than soad because there is no other music like it and static-x because its kinda similar to soad. by the way wayne static the lead singer of static-x has the coolest hair ever

listem to there albums

steal this album
system of a down
system of a down pwns all other bands period
and rap is crap
serj tankian and the others system of a down are gods among men
by moeller crusader May 23, 2006

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