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(noun) 1. a dude who whoops, hollas and cheers "you go girl" to himself while working out. 2. one who annoys others by being flamboyant 3. one who is the rightful target of retribution by others.
(verb) 1. to bitch slap
noun: Stop acting like a Sugarman or I will jack you.
verb: I will Sugarman your ass, pussy.
by moegeemac June 16, 2008
verb: The act of going crazy (especially in the workplace)
adj.: Insane or irrational, Bad tempered, total nutjob
Became popular after jet blue flight attendant lost his head.
verb: Imma bout to go slater up in this bitch cause a that cracker mr. jackson.

adj.: <phone rings> I am sorry sir, Bob went slater at work today, he no longer works here, may i help you?
by moegeemac August 11, 2010

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