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6 definitions by modeler

A fart; flatulence.
Dude, that smells sick. Did you just dry poop in your pants?
by modeler November 28, 2010
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A person who exhibits a blind loyalty to all things Apple. Loves iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and all things that go with them. Eschews Google, Android OS all things related to Microsoft, Windows and the PC. Is often offended when the shortcomings of Apple products are mentioned in their presence; has a proclivity to argue in favor of Apple products without being able to articulate exactly how or why their products are better.

Also known as a "JW".
Tim: Did you see Steve posted his iPhone 5 for sale? I guess he's getting an iPhone 5s on the first day they come out.

Greg: Yeah, I was there when he posted it. Someone mentioned that they don't like Apple products and he got all pissed off and offended.

Tim: Well, what do you expect? He's a diehard Jobs's Witness. He probably spends his days off walking around the neighborhood in a suit bothering people and passing out pamphlets.
by Modeler September 12, 2013
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A beard grown by males who have extended time off from work due to injury, suspension, or other situation covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (or state equivalent). The FMLA beard is usually grown by those who are otherwise prohibited from growing a beard by working conditions, employer mandate or safety standards. Police Officers, Firefighters and industrial workers who wear respirators are often known to grow FMLA beards during long absences from work. The extended leave time allowed under FMLA often leads to large, full, manly beards for those able to grow them.
(Firefighter Jim is out for 6 weeks due to injury and posts a photo of himself on Facebook, showing that he is not his usual clean-shaven self)

Comment from friend 1: "What the hell happened to your face?"
Comment from friend 2: "Holy hell, you look like Jesus."
Firefighter Jim: "FMLA beard bitches! I haven't shaved for weeks!"
Comment from friend 1: "Nice. I bet your wife is pissed."
by modeler August 22, 2013
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When your dick goes soft and your pubes get stuck inside your foreskin, causing pain and discomfort.
Girl: "Why do you have your hand down your pants?"

Guy: "Pubic pinch. Had to pull the pubes out of my dick."
by modeler January 11, 2012
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To be inadvertently screwed/fucked/hosed by a person, business, corporation or computer algorithm.
"Man, when you called in sick yesterday the supervisor changed my shift to cover yours and then I had to cancel my date with that hottie I met at the party last weekend. You really goat fucked me."

"Brad had told all his friends to click on the Google ads on his webpage so he could get more money. Too bad his friends didn't actually buy anything; the Google algorithm kicked him out of the program and now he doesn't get paid at all!"
by modeler August 26, 2011
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The last bit of a drink, usually from a beer bottle. It contains both the original beverage and an unknown and variable amount of backwashed saliva. The opposite of a virgin sip.
I always dump out the last bit of my beer; too much backwash. No slut drink for me!
by Modeler October 17, 2013
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