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4 definitions by mobama2010

A T-shirt made to look like ,or be used in lieu of, a jersey.

May also refer to a shirt made in New Jersey.
Bob:sorry, jerseys are just too expensive for the team
coach: Lets just make some shirseys instead.

Patel:yoo tht shirt is the nicee where'd you get it from?
ramichandran:this is a shirsey bro!
by Mobama2010 November 29, 2009
8 1
A female who is highly skilled at performing oral sex.
You don't need any condoms if you're talking to baby looseneck over there. She was born on those knees
by Mobama2010 December 30, 2013
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When you are too busy on facebook to do anything else.Early symptom of Facebook addiction and a sign that you need to get a life.
Gerald: Yo dude a bunch of us are trying to go to the club man are you free?
Samuel: Sorry man, I just saw my schedule and I'm facebooked on all of my time slots.
by mobama2010 July 22, 2010
4 4
Someone who follows Islam, In america and the west usually stereotyped as terrorist due to media coverage. Diverse group of people whom most people know nothing about outside of what they hear.
craig:dude whats a muslim?
jared: i'm not really sure nor do I care to find out I'd rather make assumptions based on stereotypes
craig: thats kind of messed up
jared: oh well, everyones doing it
by mobama2010 August 07, 2010
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