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naked ape; some what a hairless guerilla; medium in size, ranging from a small monkey to a average size guerilla. If the nape does have hair it is usually a very slight amount (like peach fuzz) and a brownish redish color. A nape is mainly part of the guerilla family, but is also strangly related to the naked mole rat and the kangaroo.

Warning: If spotted a nape they are very rare and should not be fed things such as the following:
<li>any type of large stick
<li>chicken noodle soup

The naked apes on the other hand do love to consume chicken on a stick and fries or grilled cheese preferable from the kids menue of friendly's

A <b>nape</b> escaped from the zoo and was jumping around like wild scaring all the people.
by mmoo mmoo October 07, 2006

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