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worthington, ohio is the poor man's dublin. i say this because they have MORE n's and LESS bangable chicks. Their sports teams have been sub-par since 1890 when they were the only suburb of columbus. although many of their males are less than satisfactory, they do occasionally raise one who keeps it real and doesnt give a f (ex: CG). the most effective for of birth control in worthington is suicide.
"man worthington high school sucks. oh well, im sure i'll get tons of puss at columbus state!"
by mitch cramer December 02, 2006
The best suburb of columbus. the home of dublin high school (now called dublin coffman) where the students get F'd as N's and drive 270 laughing at all the surrounding communities that arent dublin. it's basically just like the high school in the movie Dazed and Confused but even more lawless (Cosmos = The Emporium). Cosmo magazine voted it "best annorexic chicks in the midwest" Basically its the only city in central ohio where a man can get a decent hard-on.
im from dublin and ive banged more chicks than the whole city of upper arlington combined
by mitch cramer November 30, 2006
a scummy suburb of columbus. about as technologically advanced as somalia, with slightly less n's. There are not too many bangable chicks there, however, there are many with great child-bearing hips. I would compare their athletics to the team in the first Mighty Ducks movie before Gordon Bombay became coach.
hilliard sucks but at least its not detroit
by mitch cramer December 02, 2006
wow, where do i start. upper arlington is strait out of the 1850's but with less permiscuous sex. there hasnt been a confirmed blow job given there since 1912; and that one is still debatable. they often feud with grandview (the columbus equivalent of the kurds) over who has less n's. young life and lacrosse are required by ALL upper arlington citizens. rebellious upper arlington females often traverse over to dublin to mate with real alpha males.
"lets go jack off to the 2001 upper arlington lacrosse high light tape!"
by mitch cramer December 02, 2006

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