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two people with freckles (or gingers) having any kind of sexual intercourse.
b-"garrett is dating jaymie!"
t-" no way! not another ginger"
b-" hahaha i know."
b-" where is he anyways?"
t-" i bet you hes with jaymie having a freckle fest"
b" hahahahah!"
#freckle fest #freckle buddy #freckles #ginger #gross #dirty
by mistergatorboots15 April 20, 2010
if you are dating a ginger (redhaired freckle person) then she is classified as your freckle buddy.
hey garrett when are you gonna dump that nasty freckle buddy jaymie?
#freckles #ginger #orange #dating #pale
by mistergatorboots15 April 20, 2010
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