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A shortened name for the CPU company Advanced Micro Devices. Focussed on the best price per dollar, their processors are weaker than Intel processors, but are also much cheaper.
Intel's cheapest non-OEM Quad Core CPU: $149.99

AMD's cheapest non-OEM Quad Core CPU: $90.99
by mistahskinnymahn July 22, 2010
A CPU and motherboard manufacturer focussed mainly on tech rather than high clock speeds. While their processors are stronger than AMD processors, they are also quite a bit more pricey. If money's not a problem, then Intel is the way to go. I also recommend getting an aftermarket cooler as their stock fans aren't very good.
Man 1: I just got an Intel i7 920!!! I'm gonna tear through all my games and work!

Man 2: You realized you just spent about $300 on a quad-core when you could've gotten an AMD Quad-core CPU for like $100-$180?

Man 1: .....
by mistahskinnymahn July 22, 2010
A line of video cards made by ATI and the next series after the standard Radeon series. These video cards are typically stronger, faster and have more features such as Eyefinity, ATI Stream, and Avivo HD. However, the latest cards are relatively large and quite expensive. The latest is the HD 5970 which is known as on of the fastest cards to date. The latest series in the Radeon HD line is the 5XXX series which was meant to have Microsoft's DirectX11 integrated and widely available on the market.
Man: "Dude!!! I just got a Radeon HD 5970 for my computer!!! It's gonna pwn some ass!!!"

Friend: "Do you have a full tower case to fit it in?"

Man: "..... @%$#!!!"
by mistahskinnymahn June 21, 2010
Sins fucking annoying ass overdrive when your facing his face. The only real way to survive it is to summon an aeon and have it take the rape.
Oh my fucking god! Sin just casted giga gravition instantly killing me! God damnit!
by mistahskinnymahn May 05, 2009

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