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A Burner who gets stuck in the netherworld of back-to-Default World-purgatory at the end of Burning Man. They return to regular society half-Burner, half Human. They are compelled to explain their journey to you and you will be lucky if they chose do this only by their display of dusty clothes/car/goggles.
Sister: James, it's inappropriate to wear that pink furry hat to church, you're getting playa dust on the hymnal!

James: I only answer to King FreeDustyLove. 237 days 'til The Man burns!

Sister: Sigh, at least button your leopard vest, your nipples are showing.

Man in pew behind to friend: Really? with the clip-on rainbow dreads? What's with all the Burners Without Fashion Borders!?!
by misslynniemc September 09, 2011
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