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1. adj. a large, rotund booty

2. n. the sound made by a health smack on a large, rotund booty.
Ah! Ah! *smack* badonkadonk.
by miss muffin July 11, 2003
similar to the condition "fupa," fatteau describes a stomach, which, although remains flat at the top, protrudes into the shape of a platteau
she looks hot from the front, but turn her sideways, and she's got a flabby fatteau.
by miss muffin July 13, 2003
a testament to p diddy's ignorance and small vocabulary
i watched the auditions for making the band 2 simply to laugh at p diddy's absurdity.
by miss muffin July 13, 2003
junked items sitting in front of mill houses. items can include but are not limited to cars on cement blocks, broken down washer dryers, and various breeds of chickens
The cop advised the rednecks to clean up their house trash because it was becoming an eye sore
by miss muffin April 18, 2004
dirty calused raunchy feet
Girl get yo hooves off me!
by miss muffin August 05, 2003

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