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The period that started on January 1st 1900 and ended December 31st 1999. Often confused with the 20th century (which began and ended exactly 1 year later) as well as the 1st decade of the 1900s.
During the 1900s, many disenfranchised groups got a better life, but on the downside, the landscape was destroyed by the automobile (as well as the airplane) and all the things that followed.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 05, 2006
An ancient, clustered, European style harbor town in northern Essex County Massachusetts at the mouth of the Merrimack River (on the south bank.)

Known for clipper ship construction two centuries ago, it has a very long history of prosperity and decline and figured prominently in the HPL story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" among other literary works.

In the last half century it has gone from slum to a wealthy place dominated by yuppies, and has some of the best preserved early 19th century urban architecture anywhere in North America.

But as someone already said, it has it's secrets... has had them for centuries.

More towns should be designed like Newburyport.
Newburyport has a long and rich history. Located on the south bank of the Merrimack River before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean, the area was originally inhabited by the Pawtucket Indians. It was settled in the 1630’s by European immigrants who founded the city of Newbury. The small port of Newbury was quickly settled and became a fishing and trading center with the rest of Newbury turning to agricultural pursuits.

By 1764, the port was so prosperous and densely settled that it broke off from Newbury to become Newburyport. Maritime trade fueled the city’s economy, sparking extraordinary building activity in the decades following.

In 1811, a catastrophic fire leveled the downtown. That event, coupled with restrictive federal trading policies and embargoes implemented in response to the War of 1812 and the national financial panic of 1816, resulted in the city’s economic downfall...

-From the C. of C. website
by Miskatonic Jack 2 February 25, 2011
An omnipresent force in suburbia, or at least in most of it's residential neighborhoods.

A quasi-fascist governing board, often set up by a subdivision's real-estate developer, who strictly enforce such rules and building codes as...

-Grass must be kept watered, golf course green and closely manicured, even during times of drought and water shortages

-No one uses their yard to grow their own food

-No patch of land may be permitted to return to it's natural state

-No rooms or other additions may be permitted above or in front of the existing home

-No potter's shed or tool shed may be allowed anywhere on the property

-No yard ornaments

-No rain barrels

and so on.
The homeowners association says you can't put an addition onto the front of the house. They also said you couldn't add a 2nd level (which would keep any additional property from being paved over.) They said that the only place you could add on was the back (which paradoxically is the only yard anyone ever actually uses.)

To get another idea of what a homeowner's association is like, watch the 1999 episode of the X-Files by the name of "Arcadia."
by Miskatonic Jack 2 January 10, 2011
A widespread phenomenon whereas a person or persons will buy a house based on it's expansive lawn because they own, or are intending to own, one or more medium to large sized dogs.
One of the leading causes of suburban sprawl, dogsprawl typically involves a ranch house set back from the street with a large open (read-a homogenously treeless lawn) back yard.
Dog Sprawl is similar to, and oftentimes accompanied by childsprawl, except that childsprawl involves children and dogsprawl involves dogs. The presence of large rambunctious yard dogs does nothing for soil productivity and it's use by future generations.
One need only watch HGTV to see the process of dogsprawl in action.
P.S. Control pet overpopulation, spay and neuter your dog.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 February 25, 2007
AKA Two Thousands, 2000s, 2XXXs, 2-Thousands, 2 Thousands etc.
The period between January 1st of the year 2000 and December 31st of the year 2999.
With all the transformations our planet, it's cultures, government, geography, technology, language, music, the way we dress etc are likely to go through, it is highly unlikely that we will get through the Two-Thousands with a world as closely resembling our own as that shown on the cartoon "Futurama."
by Miskatonic Jack 2 October 23, 2006
See Two-Thousands AKA the 2XXXs
A thousand year period.
Not to be confused with the Third Millenium, which begins and ends exactly a year later.
The 2000s begin on January 1st of the year 2000 and end on December 31st of the year 2999 @ 11:59 P.M.
Source: Miskatonic Jack 2, The Ohio River Valley
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 05, 2006
How Mexican and other Latin American News shows refer to the USA so as to avoid the obvious confusion created by both the terms Estados Unidos, and America\Americans in paricular.

EUA is another abbreviated term used.
(Estados Unidos America)
What do you mean by "America?" Duh! Look at a map, not only does Mexico classify as "America", but it occupies a large portion of the North American Continent. I think what you mean is EEUU.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 December 09, 2006
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