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Social underclass of people who believe the following:
1. Tracksuits are a suitable alternative to proper pants
2. Other peoples cars are fair game for taking
3. Getting pregnant at 14 is cool
4. Moustaches can be grown from the age of 12 without looking ridiculous
Ah man, that part of town is full of scobes
by misc-username November 23, 2007
Whatever you want it to mean.
Usually a substitute for "Whatever" or "Fuck it"
Also used as a greeting in place of "hello" or "goodbye"
Sometimes used in place of "Cool"

General multipurpose word.
"Wanna go to a different pub?" "Eh, shabbadahey"

"Hey man" "Shabba(dahey)"

"Eh dude, check out my new phone" "Aw, man, shabbadahey"
by misc-username November 23, 2007
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