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Homer Simpson's internet company. Bought out by bill gates. Also see Bill Gates.
What's a T1?
by MinDPhuK April 05, 2003
A descendant of the mullet generally worn by dirty old men, The scullet has a mullet-like apperance with bald scalp on the top of the head and long hair on the sides and back of the head.
Look at the skullet on that greasy
by MinDPhuK April 05, 2003
see pron
miss-spelling used by underage guys to hide directories containing porn.
check out my norp directory
by MinDPhuK April 05, 2003
Nasty genital discharge accompanied by a foul smell, more common on women and leaves dry rott around the vag opening
that chick I ate out last night had some wicked crotch rott.
by MinDPhuK April 05, 2003
Used by people like Bill Gates to stop other programmers from creating a better running, more efficient operating system/software. Also see microsoft.
1. Homer Simpson's internet company, compuglobalhypermeganet got the digital axe by Bill Gates.
2. Apple computers got the digital axe by IBM
by MinDPhuK April 05, 2003
The decomposition that occurs on the crotch of panties when women have crotch rott
The dry rott in sara jacksons underwear ate a hole right through the crotch of her panties. *KKKRUNCH*
by MinDPhuK April 05, 2003
The act of physically destroying a small business by breaking things and throwing things around causing a giant mess, which will allow larger companies (IBM) and people(Bill Gates) to overthrough and prevent competition from arising.
Compuglobalhypermeganet was bought out by Bill Gates.
by MinDPhuK April 05, 2003

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