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Little bottles of alcohol that contain exactly one shot.
Lets go get some nips of vodka so we can sneak them into the bar.
by mikeyyyyyyyyyy oooo August 02, 2007
A nissan xterra in which sex has been had in the back seat.
Hey Mike, what are these stains in your back seat?

Yeah...this is no longer an xterra, but a sexterra.
by mikeyyyyyyyyyy oooo September 25, 2007
The act of being beat up by bouncers in a back area or room.
Last night that guy was being too rowdy at the club and was given the back room treatment.
by mikeyyyyyyyyyy oooo October 01, 2007
Refers to women in 80's movies who were probably hot in the 80's, but when seen now, look like freaks.
Wow, that girl in 16 candles isn't hot at all. She was very 80's hot though.
by mikeyyyyyyyyyy oooo August 23, 2007

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