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clothing store owned by abercrombie and fitch. it can be found in almost any mall across america. the store resembles a beach like theme. it is very dark and they play nice loud music. it is targeted for the 14-18 year olds.
the clothes are pretty much like the ones at abercrombie but they are less expensive. their clothes are more surfer themed. they are of really high quality. they also make you look trendy and preppy. the reason why the clothes are small isn't because they want too make wide people feel bad about themselves. it is because they are targeting for that group of people that like to be in good shape and be proud of their bodies by wearing their tight clothes. if you cant fit in their clothes don't just sit there crying and hating the ones that do fit on their clothes but make a plan to reduce weight so you can fit in their clothes. you dont need to be anorexic to fit in their clothes either. i have seen kind of fat girls looking good in their clothes.
also please if you do not know the difference in fabric quality of hollister and aeropostale do NOT compare the prices. hollister is more expensive obviously because it is of much HIGHER quality than aeropostale which is ugly and nasty. aero is just cheap and of low quality and it looks cheaper. their pre-ripped jeams will only last you a couple of months hollister pre-ripped jeans instead can last you for years.
emo fat girl 1- look at that anorexic slut wearing that nice hollister skirt
emo fat girl 2- i know and look its showing her butt what a slut i would never wear that
skinny hollister girl- yeah you would never wear this because you are too fat and nasty to fit in this clothes so all you can do is hate girlz like me that look hot in hollister clothes you looser emo hater
emo fat girl 1- i think she is right we should go to mcdonalds i got hungry with all this stress
emo fat girl 2- no don't be stupid if we ever want to fit in those clothes we should instead forget about mcdonalds and start by going to the gym some day we may fit in hollister
emo fat girl 1- yeah you are right lets get to the gym
by mikey sanchez April 09, 2007

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