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95 definitions by mikey

Simply put, the antichrist of rock. Pete Townshend would be doing the world a favor if he smashed Timberlake over the side of the head with a Les Paul like he did during his days with The Who.
Hopefully one day, we can hope that he gets his as an Amway salesman.
by Mikey November 23, 2004
To Vomit, Spew or Throw up
Dude, I feel like I'm gonna roar.
by mikey February 20, 2003
The act of purposely arguing with someone you know will never agree with you and being ok with that because you feel the same way. See argueyellabuse fun
I'm right, no i'm right. Anarchist . . .
Bush Lover!
by Mikey December 11, 2003
jason dunn, see Jason Dunn
P1: "What does self-centered mean dude?"
P2: "Jason Dunn...you didn't know that?"
P1: "Oh yeah, that faggot...damn"
P2: "Yeah dude, he's gay..small shlong too."
by mikey October 09, 2004