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a synonym for feces, but leaning more toward the strong scented end of the spectrum
"man, i left a nice smelly clarkson in there; give it a few minutes"
by mike zylstra January 14, 2008
The typical mike, but in hero form
"look! up in the sky"

"it's a bird!"

"it's a plane!"

"No! It's Mikeus!"
by mike zylstra January 16, 2008
someone who is very good at playing "scrabble"
"man, your mom's a scrabble pro."
by mike zylstra January 15, 2008
someone who is very russian. born in russia. speaks russian. sometimes jewish but he denies it. bikes to school or takes the metro, one time he walked because he missed it. takes pictures and makes them pretty. will eat a ham sandwich wrapped in plastic wrap, and will give the stub away on occasion.

may or may not appreciate butt-flexing
"i met an artom once, he denied being jewish"
by mike zylstra January 16, 2008
like a fruitcake, but food flavored. a fruitcake is a POOP flavored nasty tub of crap.
"hey sevie, give me some of your casserole"
by mike zylstra January 16, 2008
a kind of bowel movement, at least a three and golden brown, the kind of brown you want your marshmellows.
"Hey check this out"
"Woah, nice mike"
by mike zylstra January 16, 2008

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