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A sheeplike creature often seen milling about waiting for their next opportunity to pour disdain on the very culture they embrace, although the music scene is said to be blamed for the name Emo meaning EMOtive music i think it far more likey it is due to the emo's style guru Emo Philips the comedian. also see otaku for more info on the original roots of this culture
Although a seemingly us trend this began in the otaku region of japan which spawned the older trend named after the region these "Otaku" kids were almost identical to emo teens except that they started to become violent and several muders were commited. both of these trends are merely precursors to the cult of the drummers seen in the graphic novel "Halo Jones" first seen in the comic 2000ad the drummers were a group of emo lookalikes who had a hypnotic drumbeat implanted in there brains that would make them almost catatonic with bouts of psychotic violence very much like the otaku
by mike x January 21, 2007
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