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the solution to LBS (leeky butt syndrome-- definition also found on urbandictionary.com)

when a man has such bad diahrrea he wads up toilet paper and covers the anal cavaty as to not leek diahrrea into his boxers.
"man we drank so much last night!"
"yeah dude. i've got LBS so bad i have to put in a manpon when i go to class!"
by mike the magnificent August 22, 2007
acronym for leeky butt syndrome. a stomach condition when it takes effort to hold in your diahrrea, and some may leek unbenounced into your boxers.
often reference to the effects a long night of drinking has on one's stomach. AKA peeing out of your butt.
"man, i can't believe how much we drank last night!"
"i know it. dude i'm gonna have LBS all week!"
by mike the magnificent August 22, 2007

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