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When two "bros" (really close friends) give each other oral sex, similar to experimentation.
Im horney as fudge, give me a mo' fo' bro-job!!!
by Mike the great July 20, 2015
When you slide you're hand or penis or hand up someone's vagina or but crack , used heterosexual and homosexual , usually to get the last drops of seaman out
Mike got a good debt or credit from his girlfriend , Hunter got a debt or credit from is boyfriend
by Mike the great January 07, 2013
after having anal sex with a female. the male removes his penis from her anus and wipes it on her nipples. then bends her back over on the bed and continues to have anal sex very very hard. in that process the now soiled nipples will make contact with the hopefully clean sheets. the resulting dots will leave a chocolate chip cookie pattern.
so no shit there i was doing this chick in the ass. when i pulled out, and she said you best not be done. i said, bitch im no where near done with you. so i cleaned my dick off on her tits and bent her the hell back over. after i got done railing her real hard i noticed the chocolate chip cookie on the bed. the name stuck.
by mike the great November 10, 2007
Being such best friends with someone of the same gender to the point that you look like a homosexual couple. Typically between to men, thus the term "bros".
Person 1: Those two are inseparable.
Person 2: They're bromosexuals
Person 1: We're best bros fo' life.
Person 2: We're bromosexuals.
Person 1: Please... Get away from me... Now!!!
by Mike the great July 20, 2015
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