3 definitions by mike shay

A male who takes considerable pleasure in robbing females of their virginity
"I just put another notch in my V-belt. You can call me the hymen grinder"
by mike shay March 03, 2008
A pre-ejaculatory maneuver performed during intercourse (generally when the female is 'riding' on top) that is used as an alternative form of contraception. The maneuver involves converting one's momentum into a strong pelvic thrust to toss the female off in order to avoid busting inside of her. This move is particularly useful with 'trappers' who intend to get pregnant without the conscent of the male participant
"I was about to bust, and the bitch wouldn't get off, so i gave that trapping-ass ho the pole vault!"
by mike shay March 03, 2008
A female who intentionally 'traps' males into an unforeseen preganancy, often by stopping the use of birth control pills without the male companion knowing.
"dat bitch said she was on da birf control, and now dat trapper is preggers"
by mike shay March 03, 2008

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