1 definition by mike peteg

i just have to say this- most of the labels and definitions used here by "goths" defending their lifestyles and feelings are ludacris. how can you claim to be so enlightened about life and other people's ideas when you yourselevs are labeling everyone who isn't a "goth" a "jock" or "nerd" or whatever else. just because someone doesn't dress in a "non-conformist" doesn't mean that they aren't enlightened or intelligent or self-actualized. it may just mean that they find those clothes comfortable, or like the way they look. you all claim to be so enlightened and individual, but you seem very quick to attack and condemn everyone who doesn't rebel in a shallow way (clothes, hair etc.). before you attack the rest of the world for putting labels on you, look at the labels you place on them.
that "goth" just called me a "jock." hmmmmmm
by mike peteg March 09, 2006

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