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The 50th state. The only state with an anthem in a native language, the only state completely composed of islands, and the only state that has good poplulation ratios. It is not the only state that was overrun by invaders though.
Hawaii was true paradise until Captain Cook arrived.
by mike o October 22, 2003
a synonym for urban paradise; the greatest city
honolulu is the greatest city in the U.S.A.
by mike o October 21, 2003
(v)To get excited and all fired up over something. To be elated and very emotional over something that has or is going to happend.

Not literally an erection or hard, but more of a figure of speech. However one can literally be have a boner over something because they are that exctited about it.
Mike was all bonered up because he found out the Mets had acquired Carlos Delgado for peanuts from the Marlins.
by Mike O December 05, 2005
simmialer to wordpussyfuckword
by mike o August 06, 2003
one of the lowest forms of life
is a pussy and doesnt get any....
most preists
by mike o August 06, 2003

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