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the fuckin best rapper ever n e one who says different needs to fuckin learn their shit dre was a fuckin punk bitch look up dexter wiggle n ull see EAZY E IS THE FUCKIN BOSS FUCK SLIM
eazy e is the only real rapper from the cpt cept yella n cube
by mike leal March 24, 2005
the best rapper n the only one realy for the CPT all other like dre r fuckin posers fuck dre fuckin punk bitch hes eazys bitch for real n n e one that says e-z gay is a fuckin bitch
dr dre was eazy e fuckin bitch
by mike leal March 24, 2005
a punk mother fuka thats lucky eazy mothafuckin e didnt beat his lil bitch ass up
dr.dre (dexter wiggle) is a punk bitch
by mike leal March 21, 2005
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