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Fairfiel county is a wealthy county, either top or second richest in the country. However some towns, such as norwalk bridgeport or stamfort have major problems just as any other city, ive lived in norwalk all my life and have fam in the port and i can tell you these towns make you feel like being in another state after visiting say wilton or westport. bridgeport has some ruff areas and lots of crime (at least in all the parts ive been to) and norwalk expecialy sono has some of the worst shit ive seen. most people get the impression only sono is bad in norwalk, however there are real gangs in other parts of the town and even gangs with wiggers in some parts
im so glad we have all this money and live in fairfield county

i hope we dont get jumped on the way to the bus stop
by mike J0nes November 28, 2007
A type of Marijuana that is made by cross growing a weed and poppy plant, then laced with opium, which gives an amazing high (Popular in NY and other northeast states)
An O of Poppy Piff coasts around $500
by Mike J0nes March 18, 2008
marijuana laced with opium which gives it a better and stronger high
4 niggas gone off of one blunt of this piff
by mike j0nes November 29, 2007
A town in connecticut part of Farifield county. often mistaken for a rich town because of the image of fairlfield county and connecticut, however most of it is a real poor town with tons of violence gangs drinking problems and drugs. the public schools are terrible well at least norwalk high is the other high school, mcmahon has just gone threw renevations and looks real nice. norwalk is a town where geting drugs is not a problem but its more of a matter of what kind u want and who ur getting it from because people get robbed for drugs every day. this is a town where u can get jumped over 5 dollars worth of weed and shot over some pills. the only drugs hard to find in norwalk would b acid in shrooms however they are not impossible to get. most people look at norwalk and say sono is the only bad part, because there are some certain very rich parts of connectciut but they dont even go to the public schhols. however there are gangs all over the town and even gangs for wiggers who live in decent houses. but the wigger gangs arent anywhere as near as hardcore as gangs in sono but it goes to show the brutality and mentality we have here. the police station is around the corner from projects and useless to go to without a cops assistance plus some cops are dirty cops anyway so trying to b a snitch wont help you

also refered to as the wack or norwack
norwalk is for bitches and fake gangsters

person from norwalk:
click click boom
by mike J0nes November 28, 2007

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