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ordering a "water" at a fast food restaurant, only to fill it up with some other beverage of your choosing when no employees are looking. comes from the stereotype that jews are cheap, and would therefore partake in this activity.
mike: i'm hella thirsty, let's hit up captain d's man

tyrone: ok, shit, i only have a dollar, but i'm really thirsty too

mike: it's cool dude, let's just get jewish waters and then we'll have enough money to get food too!
by mike hunt96 December 25, 2009
while typing a message to someone, to include information between two smilies, each with the mouth facing a different direction
brenda: mike said he'll go on a date with me (: and maybe come over after :) next tuesday

erin: nice use of parenthsmilies girl! it adds to the effect of that big news
by mike hunt96 December 29, 2009

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