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3 definitions by mike deviant

Anally Inflicted Death Sentence

originally coined by the speed-metal group, M.O.D. or Method of Destruction in 1987.

Lead singer, Bill Milano, is an outspoken insult comic, who once fronted the ultra-conservative, thrash band, S.O.D. or Stormtroopers of Death, which relased the album Speak English or Die (1986). The other three members of S.O.D. were also in Anthrax, Scott Ian and Charlie Benante, and/or Nuclear Assault, Dan Lilker.
Anally Inflicted Death Sentence
A.I.D.S. (2x)
That's what you get for having a penis up your ass....etc.
by mike deviant September 05, 2007
A Confederate cavalry officer, who beat Union troops in nearly every battle especially when outnumbered two or three to one.

Massacred black and Union troops at Fort Pillow in 1864, or at least turned his back on the actions of his subordinates.

Made his fortune raising tobacco and selling slaves.

Was the first Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan or KKK, which he disassociated himself with shortly thereafter. He testified before Congress in 1870 during the Ku Klux Klan hearings and rightfully considered the Klan completely lawless terrorists.
Nathan Bedford Forrest was the first gangsta rapper. Not only did he get rich from selling black people into slavery, he also invented the drive by shooting and lynched dozens of black people.
by mike deviant September 06, 2007
A gay serial killer, who murdered about eight men from 1984-1988.

Bob Berdella wasn't caught, until a victim who had endured several days of fisting, felching, testicular electric torture and drano injections escaped wearing nothing but a dog collar with blood dripping from his violated anus.

Ran a shop in the Midtown ghetto of Kansas City, Missouri. The shop - Bob's Bizarre Bazaar - was where he displayed the skulls of his victims and other trophies.

Disposed of his victims in trash bags and/or fed them to his dumbass friends.

Somehow managed to be appointed as a substance abuse counselor by the Jackson County Municipal Court. Most of his victims also were drug addicts.

Berdella was active at least three years before Jeffrey Dahmer, who only got famous for killing black people, while Berdella was sweet on white guys.

Featured on Court TV, Geraldo Rivera's satanism specials, Arts and Entertainment Television, CrimeLibrary.com and a low-budget, indie film directed by Benjamin Meade named "James Ellroy presents: Bizare Bazaar."
Bob Berdella was a cheeky little fellow.

Not really. He was a big, fat, Kansas City faggot.
by mike deviant September 06, 2007