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This place is probably the last place you'll want to go through out New Jersey...execpt Trenton and Camden. Like Hainesport, Mount Holly is fulled to its neck(if it had one) with wannabe gangsters. Also this poor, little town is a shit-hole. The middle school in Mt.Holly is Holbein...yes its very poor and it sucks. The High School isnt all that bad actually. Yes its got its moments but otherwise...its just another place where people are FORCED to go.paul quotes "ya know, this place is a huge peice of shit that i would rather not go to ever again...unless im over mikes"
(during lunch) "OH MY GOD THEReS MOLD ON MY PEANUT BUTTER!!!" kids laugh


(kid standing in the lunch room)
by mike/paul.kenny March 06, 2005

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