11 definitions by mickey delphino

When you quit smoking, the tumultuous exchange of your sphincter with the world.
As the marching band passed by, he reared up and blew his

Quittigasen towards the grandstands.
by mickey delphino January 19, 2008
What Moves You After A Big Fish Dinner
He had a huge piece of salmon for dinner.
Twenty minutes later it was "Wreck ASS Abandonment"
by mickey delphino December 07, 2007
When a woman lowers herself onto a man for the purpose of pleasure
You have to want to romp to get the yourself to "womp on it"
by mickey delphino September 07, 2008
Too Young To Be Old and
To Old To Be Young

In Between Young & Old
Coined by a baby boomer
He's yold, in between young and old.
by Mickey Delphino November 02, 2007

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