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3 definitions by mick zed

A term used by Yukoners (people living in Canada's Yukon Territory) to refer to anywhere outside the Yukon.
Dude came here in the 1940s, and he hasn't been outside since.
by mick zed April 04, 2005
To shug: the act of searching through large bags of marijuana leaf shake in an attempt to find enough bud to roll a joint.
Origins from BC's Kootenay region, a major growing centre.
As in "This shake is almost pure leaf, but if we get shugging we might find a few small buds."
by mick zed April 04, 2005
A giant retard. An increasingly common word in The Yukon and Calgary (Canada), as well as in Malta.
"You are such a fucking gi-tard."
by mick zed August 16, 2005