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knackers are Irelands nomads.they usualy drive around in hiace vans selling carpets and tools and anything they find.And usualy can be found and i quote "riding the pibol" which intells riding a pony around. they normally dress in suites which are used for doing tarmac,sleeping in,and standing around the campfire singing and drinking "putin" which made from spuds and is 100%alchol.
they travel around the country from halting site to halting site.they live in caravans which usualy have 50" t.v's .the halting site is usualy filled with anything from horses,vans,cars and sofas which the've bought and found out that they dont fit in the door of the caravan so the site is as far as they get all these things ar usualy for sale. knackers normally have a dog guarding the halting site which wont let you in unless you no the password "gooddog gooddog gooddog gooddog".knackers love betting on dogs and horses and bar fights.
popular knacker names: pibol johnny,horseface johnny,squareface johnny.
If you are ever buying a anything off a a knacker you are normally called "bossman".
knacker:de ya wan na buy a pibol bossman?
Person:no thanks johnny not today
johnny:ah go wan bossman ill giv it te ye cheap!!!!
by michael mc cormack July 02, 2006

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