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3 definitions by michael lowe

to hide things in your ass, usually used in jail
"wow who would of thought Dr Quin Medicine Woman could of suitcased 47 plastic army men, she is an inspiration to us all"
by michael lowe May 09, 2007
60 37
A tampon left floating like a dead fish in the toilet, usually left by dirty tramps with no bathroom wastebasket.
My roomate Missy left me an albino koi in the toilet, boy it sure did taste salty!
by michael lowe May 10, 2007
9 0
1) The act of showing ones testicles to someone for amusement not sexual gratitude

2) When you squueze your foreskin tightly knotting up your balls
Im gonna Monkeybrain your sister while shes sleeping
by michael lowe May 09, 2007
5 2