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a back flop is the oppisite of a belly flop where your back hits first and results in temporary loss of movements in every single part of your body due to the fucking impact of your spine on the water
"hey is george ok he not coming back up?"

"no he just did a back flop."
by mi nevets March 03, 2007
monkey nuts is when a person is so unfortunate to not change out of a bathing suit after going to the beach and the sand, salt, and sweat gathers on and around the ball sack and no matter how much your sack itches it will not go away
dude i went surfing and then out to lunch and now i have monkey nuts *itches ball sack*
by mi nevets March 02, 2007
definitions for cannonball-
1) a small heavyweight sphere usually made of iron or lead that was shot out of a cannon in the colonial days
2)when you jump into a pool and curl up in a ball tucking your knees to your chest and wrapping your arms around your legs resulting in a big ass mutha fuckin splash(the wimp ass pussy version is when you plug your nose with one hand and you hold your legs with one arm
3) when the male,or chick with dick, sites donw on a chair, sofa, carseat etc. and the female ,or gay male, curls up in a cannonball as you would in a pool(see deff. #2) and bounces up and down on the very erect dick normally taking it up the ass
ex. 1) holy shit! fred just got his dick blown off by a cannonball
ex. 2)Person 1: hey why is my towel wet?
Person 2: some fatass did a cannonball of the high dive and nearly drained the pool!
ex. 3)on the way to New York my girlfriend gave me a cannonball
by mi nevets March 01, 2007

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