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Where us hermits go in the winter and build boats in our woodshop and just smoke A LOT of dope. But really though, we island kids just sit around all year waiting for summertime/ rich kids to come down so we can make "friends" with them, take them for all that they're worth, party at their houses, and fuck their hot moms. The island is where money meets the thresh-hold of man-eating natives. And we hate all you tourists, by the way. We are not your friends. In addition to this... most of our "island characters" reside in oak bluffs (one of the disco dirtier towns)you may know them as....
Scrubby(man in extremely flithy yellow trench/raincoat/suit, who sits hunched squatted on the streets smoking cigarettes and living atop the movie theater (watchout!)) Hamburger(the older black gentelman who spends the majority of his days sitting on the picnic benches next to Gio's (who might i add has the best pizza on the island) he also has recently invested in a new red truck, an upgrade from his brown pick-up, filled with garbage. In the off season, he purposely does something to land him in jail for the next few months until the weather gets warm. Cheap Ass. Leroy (L-ROY formaly... previously lived in a shack behind a friends house... that we toilet papered the SHit out of... used to ride his bike around with a case of beer, talk about easy driving, now lives in a halfway house and drives a maroon something or other. Bumble Bee (BBBUZZZZZ His first name is Colin, and rides a bike. enough said.) EVERYONE knows everyone so all you summer fools watch ya backkkkkkkkkkkk yo, you think the gingerbread houses are made out of ginga bread ya dead wrong, you think ink well is a "nice" beach ya dead wrong, you think Mad Marthas is angry ya dead wrong, you think black dog is cool ya dead wrong, you think biking around the island is groovy ya dead wrong,if you think we're RAD...you're probably right. We are not all indians, we live in real houses, live real lives, have real families, and we're coming to a city near you soon... because we can't afford to live here anymore. Rich pricks. By the way Billy your house is RAD...thanks for the great new years eve party....hope next year the riffels don't get pulled out as the gats did this year.love yah Everybody here wang chung tonight
D: hey girl, you wanna go down town and score some rich kids?
J: Oh fo hella sho!

"let's go hit the pool"-Jim powell

"Yo, i went to this killer beach party the other night on martha's vineyard, got busted up by some po-po's"
by mh6gyujiki9 April 01, 2007
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