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2 definitions by mg the dcb

The telephone number of a hot bank teller. More rewarding than a normal telephone number.

Due to limited use of good looks and charm alone, she has the highest demand for a good impression. The ability to get her number even after seeing your payroll stubs and account balance.
"there is this hot ass teller at my bank, I wanna ask her out but I'm broke as hell. I can't wait to deposit my tax return, I'm gonna get that tellerphone number."
by mg the dcb April 20, 2009
Admission of being another gullible marketing statistic of Gillette with no intention of changing.

From when you received the mac3 razor for free in the mail upon turning 18, going on to spend ass-loads on razors for the rest of your life.
"Honey please, were on a budget, can you please not pay $15 for 3 razor blades this time?"

"what the hell is a matter with you, I got the razor for free, I'm shaving money"
by mg the dcb April 23, 2009