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A cumbrian slang term for cannabis , invented by mezza graves it is one of the most commonly used nicknames for cannabis in keswick and then surrounding areas! cuz keswicks all that picturesque shit! laaart
smoke some scenery and admire the greenery!
by mezza graves April 12, 2008
A completely non-sensical word that has nothing to do with anything and is supposed to sound german. you say it when you can't think of anything else to say and everythings a piece of shit! dont even be skittin me lart!
teacher: "what is your opinion on this poem matthew?"
matthew: "flurgon glurgon"
by mezza graves April 12, 2008
A legend plumber who talks utter shit and kicks off all the time! he drives that bastard red van around like an absolute scam! dont even be sayin shit about gary laaart or i'l brey ya!
oh my god mezza! i diddd see gary glaves last night! he isss having an affair with my mam!
by mezza graves April 12, 2008
A cumbrian slang term applies to a fat bastard who eats too much shit! some one who gets stoned and muches out to fuck!
oh my god susan is such a glabba , she munched out at the purple house yesterday , fat bastard!
by mezza graves April 12, 2008

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