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2 definitions by metal power

To use your facebook status to have a big whinge, usually in a manner that attempts to blame others for your overreaction to a situation.
"I can't believe yet another bank refused my loan application - just becasue I haven't held down a full-time job in the past five years!!!!!! I told the morons I was good for it, but obviously my word counts for nothing.

Did you see Mike was 'facebarking' again yesterday.
by metal power February 12, 2010
3 1
To use your facebook status to provide an exaggerated description of the daily meal that you have just prepared or eaten in an attempt to impress or outdo your friends.
"Mmmm...just about to sit down to succulent honey glazed roast duck with rosemary and thyme hassleback potatoes, baby carrots and zuccini all topped off with almond jelly sauce. Can't wait for the self saucing chocolate pudding to be ready for dessert."

Looks like Jane has been facebaking again, I don't think I've ever seen her actually cook anything.
by metal power February 12, 2010
4 3