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second smallest city in mass. rivaling north Adams. up until the last 25 yrs a bombed out fishing and factory town full of the most interesting lady's and gentleman you would ever hope too meet . lots of history ,written and folk , stories passed down from generation to generation etc. Now a fully functioning tourist trap and real estate bonanza.the town is literally owned by three people ,none of home are from there originally. Basically the most perfect form of gentrification this side of mystic Connecticut. Scratch the surface though and it gets real weird real quick . Drugs lots of em, freaky sex,murder,rape, violent assaults,and general skull dugary!
prsn #1: hey i heard you bought a house in newburyport!

prsn #2: yes but than my daughter got addicted to heroin, my wife was banging a child molesting police sgt. on the side, my son got busted selling coke and e and is doing 2 yrs in Middleton h.c., and i got involved in an s&m prostitution ring and now I have h.i.v. , you wana house ?
by mervel t September 12, 2009

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