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1. One of the baddest O.G. motherfuckers ever to walk the face of the Earth, even in old age, even cooler than Harrison Ford or Tom Selleck, and in the same league as Chuck Norris, Frank Sinatra, Shaq, Isaac Hayes and Robert DeNiro.

2. The clitoris of a woman.
1. Yeah man, Clint Eastwood is awesome. He was Dirty freakin Harry, for pete's sake.

2. Oh crap, I just saw Amanda's Clint Eastwood when she bent over because her skirt is so short!
by mephensean August 18, 2009
The aftermath of an uncurcumcised dude wiping his smegma-coated penis across the upper lip of a chick. Like a dirty sanchez, but resulting from an abundance of smegma rather than the presence of shit.
Sven wiped his smega-encrusted, uncircumcised dick allover Jenny's mouth, leaving her with a dirty Norwegian moustache.
by mephensean March 02, 2007
A portmanteau of the words captcha and atrophy, captchrophy is the modern phenomenon of hand muscle atrophy in people who frequently use email and text messaging as primary forms of written communication. As captchrophy sufferers rarely write on paper anymore, their muscles degrade (atrophy), resulting in their handwriting taking on the appearance of "captcha" text, the internet security technology utilized to distinguish between actual humans and spambots through use of ill-formed letters and numbers.
Sean: Yo, holmes I got your note but I couldn't read it.
Donald: Sorry man, I know my writing is crazy looking, it's a bad case of captchrophy.
by mephensean October 14, 2011

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