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Brand new is a damn good band with possibly the best lyrics I’ve ever heard. It’s hard to describe the music without you guys having heard it but ill try. The words are cleverly and subtly delivered. The ‘Deja Entendu’ album is ‘an album of such breathtaking honesty and dripping with delicate song writing’ (the Fly) Its kinda hard to pigeonhole this band as a specific type of music except damn good!!!!! The music is a kinda rock but the songs build up to such a crescendo that they really gets to you and you can just get it and understand it.
Jesse Lacey (singer dude) sings in such a powerful way on some tracks that you get the message and it stirs some emotions in you, and on others he sings so quietly and in such a heartfelt way that it touches you. He really goes for it and his voice gets really husky and cracked with the feeling he pours into the songs. If the emotion of the song calls for a scream he can deliver it.

The music itself is cleverly done and yet with a specific ‘Brand New’ style, with key chords and patterns, but each song is pretty much unique with the kinda feel it gives.

To be honest with you, I’m not going to go on about how I ‘totally relate to the guys in the band’ because I don’t know them and to say that is sad, but I think this band is good, as their music is the kinda thing I feel sometimes and with I could say.
Listen to the music and you'll know what i mean
by men dont protect you anymore September 08, 2004
Often rather entertainingly refered to as Kurdt Kobain (as this typically of Kurt, is what he said his name was on nirvanas debut album Bleach) especially in old Melody Makers and NME's

HOWEVER GETTING TO THE POINT. Kurt was not a genius and not even a particularly good guitarist however he was good at making simple and good music that inspired a generation.

Kurt really didnt give a fuck and he hated the fame game. Really an idol.

But honestly...do we give a fuck about how he died? all i care about is the music (yes he wrote a few good songs) and his fuck it attitude. No i dont idolise him
the dead guy (we cant say he was murdered, we cant say it was suicide) with the jeans and the lefty guitar. Often seen in womens clothing and sticking up for women, unlike so many men we see in music/hollywood or even society.
by men dont protect you anymore October 19, 2004

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