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a particularly odourous vagina caused by excessive heat around the crotch area. a common problem for women in; hot weather and/or man made polyester undergarments.
sheesh! Serena babby, i've been wearing these plastic panties so long its like a seabass sauna in my region de gash!
by melvin cottervich January 24, 2007
A name for a woman who offloads a large amount of urine each time she empties her bladder, usually at high and hugely audiable speed.
Hol: Jeez Mel it sounds like the Hoover Damn just broke in cubicle 4. You're such a gush fanny.
by melvin cottervich January 24, 2007
Items worn by most to protect the feet. Commonly refered to as SHOES. Can be used to any type of footwear other than slippers (sneakers, boots, sandles, etc.)
Yo wait up Larry! I cut the back of my daps off in order to achieve a hipper look before venturing out this evening. Now they keep dropping off my dang feet.
by melvin cottervich January 24, 2007

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