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An overhyped title that ended up on the used games shelf faster than a mcdonalds hamburger going stale. Managed to get kudos for cinematics, dual wielded weapons, and increased multiplayer action. Nothing memorable. If you payed full price you got juked.
Jack: Let's play Halo 2!!
Mike: OK!!
(8 hours later)
Jack: Wow, finished.
Mike: Let's trade it in for UT3
Jack: Sounds Great.
by Melizza September 19, 2005
The controversial and indirect act of surrendering rights, resources, and possesions(including children) to another person, group, or authority due to abuse, neglect, and overall stupidity on the part of the original owner(s). Necessitated by progress or changing local, national, and international advances in civilization and morals. Typically very beneficial in the long term to most of society.
Mark: Hey, why are you taking away my children!!!!
Officer: Your meth lab was endangering their lives.
Mark: I'm American, I have rights. This is fascism!
Officer: No, it's Property Forfeiture.
Mark: Can I keep my meth lab equipment?
Officer: No.
Mark: This is communism!
Officer: Get in the car.
by Melizza September 19, 2005
Architect whose originality and style were overshadowed by his inflated view of self and tendency to create structures that leaked, were difficult to heat, and cracked. Embraced 'hypocritical humility' which is funny because he had nothing really to be arrogant about. The Unity Temple in Oak Park, like many of his works, looks like an upscale military barracks. He wasted alot of time avoiding the arch and pillar. Wright couldn't hold a candle to much better architects like Louis Sullivan or Daniel Burnham.
Jane: Hey what's that building over there?
Mark: It's a Borg complex. It was created by some guy named Frank Lloyd Wright.
Jane: Never heard of him.
by Melizza September 24, 2005
1)A term used to describe an overhyped fad. 2)A word used to describe an exhausted genre. 3)A phrase used to describe the end result of poor musicians, who are even worse lyricists, composing a horrendously sounding 1 to 2.5 minute song that is hailed by the bourgeoisie, not because of any inherent greatness in compostion or artistic value, but because it provides catharsis in a boring materialistic non-spiritual society. Most 'great' rock ideas have been stolen from blues, gospel, and jazz artists who labored with genuine passion to produce something complex, original, and timeless.
Johnny: Hey those black people have a good musical idea.
David: Let's repackage it and serve it to the middle class.
Johnny: We'll call it Rock N Roll
David: Yeah. Find someone with mediocre musical skills.
Johnny: We'll appeal to short sighted youth.
David: We'll be millionaires.
Johnny: We'll save the world.
David: Rock On.
by Melizza September 23, 2005
Ideology that helped to justify half ass motherhood, glorified prostitution, and pretending to like what men naturally like. It helped to break up marriages across the United States leaving men without children to father and nothing productive to do. Founded by women who wished they had a penis and were ashamed of estrogen. Ironically, feminism is strengthened by preventing men from being men.
Frank: Hey where is your wife?
Eric: We got divorced, she embraced feminism.
Frank: Sorry to hear that. What now.
Eric: I guess I'll just work, watch sports, and rent porn.
Frank: Join the crowd.
by Melizza October 08, 2005
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