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A brothel, also known as a bordello or whorehouse, is an establishment specifically dedicated to prostitution, providing the prostitutes a place to meet and to have sex with the clients.
im always dreaming of a lupanar with voluptuous prostitutes stripping off in front of me.
by mehrdad hosseiny July 25, 2008
a house of prostitution.
A brothel .A house for bathing, sweating, etc.; -- also, in Turkey, a prison for slaves.
i was tired of choking my chicken so i decided to find a bagnio and quench my thirst of having a real sex
by mehrdad hosseiny July 24, 2008
not felicitous,not appropriate or well-timed,awkward
the infelicitous typesetting was due to illegible copy"
by mehrdad hosseiny July 22, 2008

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