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3 definitions by megajosh2

A pair of fat breasts that hang so low that when you fuck the girl who has the hanging tittles that they shake like flipping flapjacks.
Joe: Ms. Ploof has a pair of pancake tits. I fucked her last night for A's all through high school and they made me sick when they shook.
Frank: Oh dear god. You fucked Ms. Ploof our principal and saw her flop em jalopems? Why didn't you kill yourself?
Joe: Because I'm going to be a straight A high school student.
by megajosh2 February 25, 2007
15 5
A smiley used by weeaboo faggots to express pretend laughter.
Omg kawaii desu haha XD lol
by megajosh2 December 15, 2008
37 38
Having massive chestacles, reffered to a female, or even possibly a shemale, and when being insulting, a fat guy.
Sweet fuck that slut is stacked!
by megajosh2 February 25, 2007
55 86