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The undippable, smaller almost useless chips and the bottom of a dorito bag. These are often left to go to waste as they are unable to support tasty salsa and cannot be consumed comfotably without tipping the bag up in a cave man like display of greedyness.
Person 1: Ah man, that was the last good chip

Person 2: No way man theres loads left!

Person 1: Nuh uh! You Can't Dip Dust douchebag

Person 2: Ppsshhhhh


Person 1: Dude, you want a chip with salsa they're so tasty!

Person 2: Ahh yeah thanks...WTF man, theres no dipping chips in here there's only Dust, Can't Dip Dust! Throw that shit away.

Person 1: Aight, but don't waste the dust I'ma tip that bag up later when no ones here
by mcollett88 August 01, 2009
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