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definition: semen, cum, slpooge, spunk, etc.
origin: United States Naval Acamedy, theKid - (my little brother and his naval cronies)came up with this one. it leads more to the idea of your warm, chunky, sperm being sreved up, fresh off the chow line, for immediate consumption, either orally, vaginally, or analy.
get it while its hot!
"How was dinner with that skank last night?"
"it was good - she had a salad and a glass of water for dinner - but she ordered a faceful of loin chowder for dessert"
by max wiley September 21, 2005
a collection of Dominican immagrants living in one specific locale or neighborhood. Also known as Washington Heights, NYC

also: little Santo Domingo
"you live in the Manhattan? where?"
"upper west side - little domingo"
by max wiley September 21, 2005
ok - the REAL definition of a rhombus is this:
n(primarily used in the UK): one or several nights of hard DRINKING and/or DRUGGING that leads to a loss of memory, a laundry list of offences, multiple contusions and/or lacerations to the face and body, and in rare cases - illegitimate children.
the Rhombus is not to be taken lightly - and is most often presented as an agreement between two parties in accordance with the plans for the evening(s)
"what you doin' tonight my friend?"
"shit man...lost my job - lost my girl - dog ran away...think i am going to get on a RHOMBUS! you?"
"i can do a RHOMBUS this weekend - want some company?"


"where have you been? i havent seen you in days? are you cheating on ME!!!"
"hunny...calm down...don't yell...i have been on RHOMBUS"
by max wiley September 22, 2005
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