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A burly cock blocker. Usually a drunk man who tries to feel better about himself and his manliness by barging in uninvited between a guy and a girl having a conversation at a bar and/or club, or any public setting including a bus stop or street corner, and making his advances in a very direct no nonsense type of way.

A man who holds a monopoly over ALL the girls in the group even if he doesn't know them.

A man surrounded by women of very little or no self confidence and he takes advantage of it.

A man of little confidence who tries to feel better about himself by consistently putting down women around him.

A burly man who doesn't know when to call it quits.
Hey baby, you look hot, let's fuck!!

"There are too many gorillas on the dance floor!!"

Guy #1 "Hey I'm going to go talk to that girl in that group over there in between the tall blond and the red head!"

Guy #2 "You're going to have to negotiate through the gorillas."
by max lightning in the butt February 07, 2011

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